For New Hollywood, a Quieter Trip to Las Vegas

For decades Universal Pictures spent lavishly to wine and dine movie theater owners during ShoWest, the exhibition industry’s annual convention and trade show here: stars, special screenings, parties, the works. Last year the studio presented pieces of seven movies, including “Wanted,” “The Incredible Hulk” and “Mamma Mia!”

This year? Universal didn’t even bother to send its distribution chief.

ShoWest may have reached its tipping point, many Hollywood executives say. The once-splashy event has been in slow decline for a decade, hurt by consolidation among theater chains and cost cutting by studios. But now that some corners of moviedom have decided to sit it out — 20th Century Fox didn’t present an elaborate “product reel” this year — other film companies may finally have the cover to do the same.


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