First feature-length film made specifically for Net distribution debuts on YouTube

The first feature-length film made specifically for Internet distribution, "Girl Walks Into a Bar," debuts Friday to a potential worldwide audience of millions on YouTube.

Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez - who, coincidentally, has another micro-budgeted film, "Elektra Luxx," opening Friday at West L.A.'s Nuart Theatre - "Girl" could establish a new path for increasingly under-exposed, small independent films to find substantial audiences.

"It's so hard for independent movies to get bought and put out," Gutierrez said. "And there's so many of them - 2,000, maybe, last year, and only one of them was `Winter's Bone.' And the ones that do get released only play in two theaters, five theaters."

"Girl" is a comic noir mystery, made up of 10, 10-minute, narratively interlocked scenes. This enabled natural commercial breaks, which have been filled on YouTube by presenting sponsor Lexus.


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