Films gets no love at Toronto fest

It's the film festival that recently brought us "The Wrestler," "The Hurt Locker" and "The Visitor." But this year's Toronto International Film Festival delivered a departure: indifference.

Along with the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto stands out as a must-visit destination for movie distributors looking to buy new, highbrow works. Yet as successful as the festival has been in premiering any number of art-house breakouts in recent years, the shopper silence at the just-concluded Canadian gathering was deafening.

Scores of movies arrived in Toronto without domestic theatrical distribution, and almost all of them left the festival in the same exact condition. A handful of new films found international distribution, but the highest-profile domestic Toronto deal to yet close -- the Weinstein Co.'s acquisition of "A Single Man" for about $2.7 million -- was for a little more than half what Fox Searchlight paid for "The Wrestler" a year ago. The few other sales were much smaller.


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