Filmmaker creates storyboarding app for the IPhone

Jonathan Houser had an idea.

The 30-something filmmaker was teaching production at the Seattle Film Institute. His students were having a difficult time with storyboarding, an element of filmmaking which Houser describes as a way to perceive how your film may look." Or, to put it another way, "You sit down, you draw, you think and you erase."

"You can actually create your film on paper," he explains. "Rough out how you think it might look and almost pre-edit your film before you start filming."

This is an essential part of the filmmaking process, though as Houser's students were discovering, it is also a very difficult part. As the year progressed, he noticed more and more students forgoing storyboards.

And that's about when it hit him, "my cell phone has a built-in camera and it has a little computer."



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