Film Specific – A New Online Membership Community Launches for Filmmakers Focused on Film Distribution

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) April 4, 2007

Film Specific (, a new online membership community for filmmakers focused on film distribution has been launched. Stacey Parks, author of "The Inside Guide to Independent Film Distribution" (Focal Press), and a veteran Foreign Sales Agent and Independent Sales Rep, founded the website as a place for serious filmmakers to learn the ins-and-outs of film distribution.

"As a distribution consultant, so many independent filmmakers have come to me with finished films, frustrated and scratching their heads trying to figure out how to sell their films in the marketplace. The site helps to educate filmmakers so navigating those often harsh waters becomes easier."

The interactive community moderated by Parks and other distribution experts aims to guide filmmakers and help them learn from each other. "The whole distribution model for films is changing so dramatically. In some ways it's very scary for filmmakers, but in others it's incredibly exciting since there are more opportunities than ever to get their films seen by worldwide audiences via so many various distribution outlets. Film Specific is focused on creating a community where filmmakers can learn ways to move their distribution efforts forward, reach distributors, and reach audiences as well."

Designed to be a members-only community, Film Specific is not only a site for filmmakers to learn from each other, it's also a site where filmmakers learn directly from the distributors themselves. For example, there is a monthly tele-seminar series where members can submit questions to the featured distributor in advance and then listen to Parks grill them for answers. "Film Specific is a place where filmmakers can come to get answers straight for the horse's mouth," says Parks of the tele-seminars. "This information can be invaluable. Those answers may be good, bad, or ugly, but they can use that to inform their own decisions as filmmakers on where and how they'll seek distribution for their films."

The membership packages, priced at $ 9.99 and $ 19.99 monthly, will not only give members access to distributors, but also to additional interview and article series aimed at informing and educating filmmakers about today's marketplace. Additionally, there will be opportunities for filmmakers to submit their films directly to distributors and have direct one-on-one access to Parks herself. "Film Specific was founded to be a one-stop shop for filmmakers interested in learning not only about the distribution marketplace, but also as a place where they can become even savvier in all their filmmaking endeavors," says Parks. "So much of the information available to filmmakers is focused on production and festivals. There's very little information out there on the distribution, and so much of it is so general, it only scratches the surface of such a highly complex element of filmmaking."

Says Parks of Film Specific, "I wanted to create a place where filmmakers could find comprehensive information on film distribution quickly and easily. That place online didn't really exist until now. Film Specific fills a big void in the resources available to filmmakers."

To join the Film Specific distribution community, go to


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