Film school in a case


For a long time, I've always held the belief that DVDs were priceless film school courses in a neat little case. Every special feature on it, even the dull ass-kissing fillers, seem to have nuggets of tips and tricks to help out the budding filmmaker and further disillusion an already jaded moviegoing public. But the universe of the special features is vast and unending. The goal of this blog is simple - to make sense of the value of all this behind the scenes material.


Hopefully, I can illuminate and discuss the creative process from start to finish by referencing a good selection of special features content. First and foremost, it's about how the artisans of film and television think and interact to bring their visions to fruition. To see how these artists work can only shine a light on our creative process. This is a blog of few words but one hopefully rich with ideas.



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