Film Makers: Score Your Film On A Budget

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Film Makers: Score Your Film on a Budget

When you factor out the likes of Alan Silvestri and Danny Elfman, there are basically 3 levels of Film Music that are accessible to all film makers. The right solution will depend on your budget and your project needs. Of course, every film is different.

1. ) No budget: Charity Work
For pro-bono music, your surest bet is to get linked up with a student composer or place classified ad request for composers online. Versus Media is a service that will send your music request to their registered list of composers. Beware of this route, as the quality of production can be seriously lacking. If quality is key for you, it may benefit you to look at Royalty Free Music Licensing.

2. ) Small and mid-range budget: Royalty Free and Production Library Music

This is your most convenient and cost-efficient way for shopping for the right music for your movie. If you can find a website that isn't littered with poorly produced music, you'll be like a kid in a candy store. The most diverse and readily available music can be found on the internet with a relatively low startup cost. At the pinnacle of online options, you'll find
Boxed Score Music. They offer a wide selection of ready made soundtracks for a wide range style of films. So for example, if you're producing a dark comedy, they probably have a ready made solution of 9-10 tracks that will most likely fit your film's mood. The best thing is being able preview the music online so you don't have lengthy back and forth revisions that you would have in hiring a composer. I recommend that you check this company out.


3.) High/Unlimited Budget: Hired Composers

If you are in this bracket, you probably aren't even reading this article. You probably know the ins and outs of the music business or even have your own music supervisor on staff. Even so, this remains an option for the most financially gifted producers out there. Finding the right composer can cost you anywhere from the 10-100 thousand dollar range, depending on the complexity of your music needs. Make sure you've prepared your financial backers for the worst case scenario.

My Recommendation

Even the highest dollar producer, editor or director can aim to save money by looking at more cost efficient options. Although music is important to the success of a film, you can always be wiser with your budget. Check out Boxed Score Music and see if they have a solution for you, no matter what your budget.


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