Fast cutting style in ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ creates unique action experience


When director Paul Greengrass and the filmmaking team made Universal Pictures' "The Bourne Ultimatum," which opens Friday, there was a deliberate effort to create a departure from other movies of the action genre by avoiding cliches.The result was rapid cuts and a general sense of uneasiness in a high-octane thrill ride for the third and final film in the "Bourne" franchise.

"It's a very conscious effort to avoid the cliches, and with all the quick cutting, there are so many choices that you make, you almost create a new kind of grammar when you do it," producer Patrick Crowley says.

Editor Christopher Rouse says the team aimed to expand on what director Doug Liman started in 2002's "The Bourne Identity," the first film of the franchise.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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