Eyeglass-Free 3-D Movies on the Horizon

Within a few decades movie-goers may be able to watch their favorite flicks in 3-D without the need for glasses, a new study says.

University of Arizona optical sciences professor Nasser Peyghambarian and his colleagues have created what may be the first rewritable 3-D display surface, one in which an image can be replaced with another within a few minutes.

Peyghambarian's team is working to get the time needed to rewrite the surface down to a fraction of a second.

"The ultimate goal would be some sort of 3-D video that doesn't require eyeglasses to view," Peyghambarian said.

The study appears tomorrow in the journal Nature.

Key to this chameleon-like responsiveness is a specially crafted polymer with a refractive index—a measure of how much the speed of light is reduced—that can be changed by an electrical charge.

(Source: National Geographic)


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