Eva Mendes is more than just a sexy face

Between Eva Mendes’s sensual Calvin Klein ads and her sexy roles in movies like “We Own the Night,” it can be hard to see the actress as anything other than a sex symbol - but Mendes is the first to admit it.

“I’m definitely responsible for the image that I put out there,” she told Allure magazine in their August issue. “But it does become frustrating because I don’t want sexy to be my defining characteristic. I’d love for my ambition and will and intellect and sense of humor to define me as well.”

Allure points out that Mendes isn’t lacking for intellect: she name drops photographer William Eggleston and author Ayn Rand in the interview, calling “The Fountainhead” one of her favorite books.

Yet just because she doesn’t want her sex appeal to be her defining quality doesn’t mean she doesn’t recognize its power.



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