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When it comes to independent films, the one genre that has led the way is horror. From the late fifties right up to today, many filmmakers have strayed away from the big studios and pushed the boundaries, and you can find many of these horror movies online nowadays. The internet has become the best source for scary titles, whether they be the big screen blockbusters or those more obscure titles you cannot even find in video stores.

Some of the first films ever made were horrors. Vampire films like the original Nosferatu are over a century old now, and this title and many other classics have become part of the public domain. There were many silent movie classic horrors, but when sound came to cinema, things changed, starting with the scream.

For two decades there were many horrors movie made and by the 1950's there were studios dedicated to making this genre only, and some of the great legends of cinema were born. Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman and so many other monsters and creatures showed up on the big screen, and you can find these classic horror movies online.

There are literally thousands of B-movie titles to be found from the fifties and sixties. When the Drive-In craze hit America, some of the most popular films were horror and science fiction. Many of these B-movie classics have been archived on the internet.

Horror became serious business in the sixties and a master of the craft was Alfred Hitchcock. You can find many of Hitchcock's horror movies online like The Birds and Psycho. And it was another fright movie master in the late sixties who would influence a generation, George Romero, with his zombie film, Night Of The Living Dead.

There are hundreds of zombie horror movies online, from the big studio productions right down to films made by the fans. This is a genre with such dedicated fans that many have gone out and produced their own movies. There are even a few top directors, and special effects gurus who started out like this.

With many of these fan-made films the focus was on the gore, or special make-up effects. This was a trend that started in the 1970's when the genre peaked for the first time. Low budget scary films filled cinemas like the cult Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as did studio films like The Exorcist and Jaws.

Halloween, Friday the Thirteenth and the Nightmare on Elm Street were just three highly successful scary franchises that produced many sequels. In most cases a successful box-office meant a return, but in recent times there have also been re-makes of some of the hits from the seventies, eighties and nineties, including the above mentioned titles and other classics like Amityville Horror and When A Stranger Calls.

Over the past twenty years thousands of horrors have been produced, all over the world, with some of the scariest being made in Asia. The internet allows you to watch whatever you feel like, and for someone who loves a fright, it is a virtual treasure chest.3

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