Emily Mortimer Finds the Darkness Within the Perky

For a while Emily Mortimer seemed to specialize in characters not unlike herself: sweet, vulnerable, even a little scattered or ditzy. She was a neurotic, insecure actress in Nicole Holofcener’s “Lovely and Amazing”; Steve Martin’s hapless, bumbling assistant in the “Pink Panther” remake; and, in the role that probably put her on the map, the oblivious upper-class wife of the brooding Jonathan Rhys Myers character in Woody Allen’s “Match Point.” In that film her rival for Mr. Rhys Myers’s attention was Scarlett Johansson, and the difference between the women told the whole story: Ms. Johansson was ripe and simmeringly sexy, while Ms. Mortimer, with her bangs and swanlike neck, was innocent and winsome in an almost Audrey Hepburnesque way.

(New York Times)


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