Ellen Page—breakout star of ‘Juno’—proves that boyish style can be sassy too


Ellen Page is desperately seeking a bike mechanic. Which might seem strange, because for weeks now she’s had a sedan, complete with tinted windows and a black-suited driver, at her beck and call. It’s just one of the perks of being a Hollywood awards season hopeful. Back home in Nova Scotia, however, her wheels are decidedly less glamorous. “I don’t own a car where I live,” she says. “The way I get around is by foot and by bike. My bike is kind of shot, actually. I bought it used for not much. I really need to get somebody to look at it.”

Hanging out on the Venice boardwalk, Page, 20, is on the tail end of a promotions whirlwind for “Juno,” the heartstring-tugging indie comedy about a pregnant high-schooler. The film, which played to raves at key film festivals such as Toronto and Telluride, has transformed her into this year’s standout young star, female division. She’s come a long way from her low-key surroundings in Halifax, where she’ll return soon after months of being thrust into “surreal” situations, such as participating in a roundtable with Jodie Foster (“I was definitely staring at her like a total geek”) and rubbing elbows with Sarah Silverman (“I, like, freaked out; I show everyone ‘Jesus Is Magic’”).

(Source: Los Angeles Times)


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