Elizabeth Banks: Fall’s First Lady

Elizabeth Banks is about to have a movie-star moment. She's just come from the world premiere of Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a Porno at the Toronto Film Festival, arriving at the Four Seasons in a sleek Prada dress with an SUV-size entourage in tow. The maitre d' at the hotel's chic lounge has swiftly grouped a collection of tables in one corner for her crew. Just as Banks settles in, a stranger approaches with that unmistakable look of omigod-I'm-about-to-talk-to-a-celebrity anticipation. He leans over and asks, ''Excuse me, are you Chelsea Handler?'' Whoops. Banks smiles, apparently loving that she's been mistaken for the E! host. ''I am so Chelsea Handler,'' she says. The Handler fan is delighted. ''Are you here promoting a film?'' he asks earnestly. Banks doesn't miss a beat: ''No, I'm just here promoting myself.'' The fan grins, satisfied, and moves along with a starry story to tell his friends.



Elizabeth Banks flits from first lady to 'Porno' comedy

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