Elisabeth Shue Turns Indie Goddess with the Film ‘Don McKay’

I recently caught up with actress Elisabeth Shue who is starring in the just released indie thriller, Don McKay, an edgy mystery also starring(and executive produced by) chameleon-like actor Thomas Haden Church, and directed by Jake Goldberger. Elisabeth and I spoke about the movie business and the art of the film, which seem light years apart. Elisabeth, herself, has had an acting career that has arched from her playing the hot young thing in movies like The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting and Cocktail to notably acclaimed actor with her Oscar nominated role in Leaving Las Vegas. That led to other leading roles in films like The Saint and Hollow Man. She made some comedic pit stops along the way with the likes of the Back to the Future franchise and a guest stint on the HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Now, a married woman, with three young children Elisabeth has turned to more independent fare with characters that are slightly left of center and always layered with questionable motives and pathology. In Don McKay, Elisabeth Shue plays an ailing young woman who summons her childhood sweetheart back into her life for what appears to be a second chance at love before she succumbs to her illness. The film takes a grippingly sharp turn when someone turns up dead and no one is who they originally appeared to be.

As far as who Elisabeth Shue turned out to be during our interview, she is remarkably sweet and sincere, and she clearly loves her job. Elisabeth is also a devoted mother and wife who consistently makes her family priority number one in a business where many let that fall by the wayside, favoring the trappings of celebrity instead. I connected with Elisabeth as a fellow parent, a film buff and, I’ll admit it, a longtime fan.


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