DVD extras vanishing on DVD rentals

DVD extras on DVD rentals vanishing

It appears that as movie studios realize that their cash cow of DVD revenues are drying up, they are resorting to penny pinching on the DVD extras that come with rentals.

Hacking Netflix posted a mildly disturbing post earlier today. Entitled "Studios Crippling Netflix Rental Discs to Encourage DVD Sales" it cites two recent examples where distributors stripped out bonus features out of the rental discs they give to Netflix in order to encourage people to buy the films (and, I suppose, to discourage them from using Netflix). For example, if you get "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" from Netflix, and go to the Special Features page, you don't get special features. You get a disclaimer:

"This disc is intended for rental purposes and only includes the feature film. Own it on Blu-ray or DVD to view these bonus features and complete your movie watching experience."

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