DSLR-shot movie ‘Like Crazy’ sells to Paramount for $4 million

This movie you are about to read about was shot on a $1700 Canon DSLR camera.

The first big sale at Sundance went down in an all-night bidding session, and the one walking away with "Like Crazy," the festival's hottest movie, is an unusual player on the indie scene: Paramount Pictures.

At the studio's celebration of its new Insurge Picture label (held just off Park City's Main Street Saturday night), a horde of ski-jacketed would-be party-people crammed the lobby outside a roiling, thumping venue.

While revelers pushed to the front of the line, the studio was across town trying to do the same for director Drake Doremus' heartbreaking long-distance love story about a young couple trying to stay together despite circumstances keeping them half-way around the world from each other.

Paramount chief Adam Goodman emerged from the bash with a cat-who-ate-the-canary smile, having heard praise about the movie all night from those who caught its Saturday afternoon premiere.

He had just made an offer. By dawn, his company had sealed the deal.

Sources close to the sale tell EW exclusively that the movie sold for $4 million -- a solid number for a Sundance pick-up.


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