Dreamworks animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg speaks about making movies

Jeffrey Katzenberg at the Beverly Hills premiere of A Beautiful Mind 

It never gets any easier. Jeffrey Katzenberg has spent a professional life sweating on whether his next film is a success, and Shrek The Third, the latest in the phenomenally successful franchise, is no exception."I've been doing this for 35 years, my whole life, been involved with many many hundreds of movies, literally, 500 or more films I've overseen in three companies - each and every time for each and every one of them there is that moment of high anxiety," Katzenberg says. "It's particularly accentuated now in that we only make two movies a year at DreamWorks Animation and so with each one we are kind of rolling a pretty enormous dice.

"I'm a smidge competitive, so I don't like missing. I've missed and it's not pretty when you miss. It's horrible on every level. I feel horrible for the artists and talent that have dedicated four years of their life and to have something not work . . . I get enormously concerned in terms of the financial impact and the responsibility to our investors and shareholders who are betting on us. And then there's just flat-out personal humiliation," he laughs.

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