“Dirty Sexy Money” talks


ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money" was one of several first-season shows that took a big hit from the writers strike last season, both in the ratings and creatively. It started strong, but the strike hit before it could pick up any momentum. And later episodes seemed to slip into a different tone, which ABC execs didn't like. Two were even shot and shelved. But still, "DSM" has a hot cast and premise - Peter Krause as Nick, the family attorney/factotum/whipping boy for the insanely rich Darling family, most of whom were also just plain insane and hiding various secrets. Now Lucy Liu is joining the cast as the show rolls out Wednesday night for its second season.

In Beverly Hills at press tour, producers Greg Berlanti, Craig Wright, Jon Harmon Feldman and Matt Gross were joined onstage by cast members Glenn Fitzgerald,  Natalie Zea, Blair Underwood, Lucy Liu, Peter  Krause, William Baldwin,  Seth Gabel and Zoe McLellan to talk about the show...


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