Director Vadim Perelman comes back to life


Vadim Perelman had the sort of feature film debut most filmmakers dream about but rarely are able to realize. An acclaimed director of commercials, he optioned the novel House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III, adapted it for the screen with Shawn Lawrence Otto and co-produced the film with Michael London.

The tale of a young woman evicted from her house and her subsequent encounter with its new owners - immigrants from Iran - received critical kudos and respectable commercial returns. He clearly established himself as a talent worth watching and chief among his promoters was Steven Spielberg. Perelman was put to work adapting the Stephen King novel Talisman for DreamWorks and some feared he would descend into the industry's commercial abyss.

That was five years and several projects ago. Now he's resurfaced with The Life Before Her Eyes, a story one might ascribe to an episode of The Twilight Zone that like the bygone anthology has serious things to say about life, family and social issues told within a phantasmagoric frame.

(Movie City News)


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