Director Tim Story builds a better Fantastic Four with the Silver Surfer


THERE he was, seemingly just another perpetual adolescent, gleefully flipping through the pages of a comic book at Comics Ink in Culver City. But director Tim Story was doing more than merely getting his comic-book jones on; he was on a market-research expedition that July of 2005, one that would help lay the foundation for Friday's Twentieth Century Fox summer tent pole, "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." "Somebody came in [the store] and started talking: 'So what did you think about "Fantastic Four"?' " recalls Story on a rainy morning here as he munches on snow peas and rolls of sliced turkey between takes on the set of "Silver Surfer."

Speaking with Zen-like calm and wearing glasses and a baseball cap snugly on his head, Story doesn't throw his weight around like the man in charge on this massive production that takes up three football fields' worth of hangars. So it's easy to see how he could go unnoticed at that comic-book store as the customers began chatting about his "Fantastic Four." 

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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