Director Shekhar Kapur: My ‘brother’ Heath Ledger


Shekhar Kapur was the last person to speak to Heath Ledger before his death. He tells Marc Lee about their close friendship and their plan to make a film together

When the Australian actor died aged 28 in New York last month, Kapur was devastated. He was the last person to talk to Ledger - on the phone - and recalls their final conversation with a painful bewilderment.

"He was jet-lagged, but he was looking forward to the next day. We were talking about meeting up, and laughing about synchronicity because I had booked a massage for him at three o'clock, and he'd booked one for himself at the same time.

"He told me to call him in the morning. I said, 'I won't disturb you if you're tired.' But he said, 'No, call me. Wake me up, and we'll meet. There was nothing he said that gave me the impression he was depressed.'

(Source: The Telegraph UK)

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