Director Richard Linklater discusses Orson Welles

Richard Linklater will thankfully never be pigeonholed as a genre director. His body of work ranges from indie films such as the counterculture defining Slacker, to studio projects like School of Rock, to the socially conscious and unapologetic Fast Food Nation.  His latest project, Me and Orson Welles, veers in an utterly new direction.  Adapted from an historical novel based on actual events, the story takes place during a whirlwind week of preparation for Orson Welles’ famed 1937 remix of Julius Caesar at the Mercury Theater in New York City. Seen through the eyes of an ambitious teenager hired for the production (Zac Efron), the film’s narrative thrusters which propel the story at a frenetic pace include a love triangle with a career-minded production assistant (Claire Danes), mishap-riddled rehearsals for opening night, and Welles’ very own famed ego.

AFS will premiere Me and Orson Welles in Austin this winter.  I met with Richard Linklater to discuss the project at the filmmaker’s production office (Warning: this article contains spoilers).


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