Director Pedro Almodóvar to blog new film ‘Broken Hugs’


Pedro Almodóvar has set up a website where he will be blogging about his new film, 'Broken Hugs'

Of all the directors you’d think would want to blog about the creation of their new film, hands up who would have thought of Pedro Almodóvar? Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Brian Singer, Eli Roth: fine. But Almodóvar?

The director of ‘Volver’, ‘Talk to Me’ and countless other Spanish classics over the last 20 years has decided to let the ‘blogosphere’ in on all the on-set shenanigans that occur during the production of his forthcoming film, ‘Broken Hugs’ starring Penelope Cruz.

The blog, which can be seen at, can be viewed in Spanish, French and English and will apparently serve up a mixture of pictures, videos and snippets as well, no doubt, as the director’s wry commentary on the ups-and downs of making the film.

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