Director Michael Patrick King and making ‘Sex and the City 2’

When Michael Patrick King was first approached about working on the " Sex and the City" series in 1998, he was intrigued by two things: One was the ambiguous look on Sarah Jessica Parker's face at the end of the pilot, when she appears to morph from insouciance to stoic dismay as her future love Big drives away. The other was the lure of "taking sex out of the shadows. I like the fact that it's not so dark and shamey. We took sex out of the black, inky oil stain and we made it pink and fuzzy like Champagne."

It was an exciting new realm for the 55-year-old writer-director of now two "Sex and the City" feature films. "Having been raised Irish Catholic, shame-based and never talking about sex, suddenly, I had this whole world that no writer had had," says King, the son of a janitor and a Krispy Kreme worker. When he wrote a scene set in a taxi cab with Charlotte complaining about her new lover's sexual preferences, "and the four girls are talking about anal penetration but comically — I thought, ‘This has never been written before!' "


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