Director Mark Romanek films novel ‘Never Let Me Go’

For director Mark Romanek, one of the keys to adapting Never Let Me Go came during pre-production. A cautionary tale set in an alternate universe, Kazuo Ishiguro's novel asked readers to contemplate a society that creates an underclass solely for the purpose of serving “the greater good.” It was a concept that in other hands might have led to a gory horror film.

Romanek had been toying with what he calls "overtly science-fiction tropes—buildings and props and attitudes. We felt, this was a science-fiction film, so shouldn't we have some of that stuff? One day this light bulb went off, and I told our production designer Mark Digby, 'I don't think we should have anything science fiction in this film at all.' You know, what I admire so much about Ishiguro is his incredible restraint and reserve and subtlety. What I needed to do was capture that as a movie experience, find a visual analogue to his tone and grammar and how he writes."


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