Director Ken Russell outlines the 10 steps to stardom


When a fire ravaged my thatched cottage in the New Forest, films, manuscripts, passports, chequebooks, address books, toothbrush and car keys all melted into oblivion while I thought only to save the wife and dog. When Lana Turner’s apartment building caught fire and she had only minutes to flee, she grabbed her lipstick, eyebrow pencil and hairdryer.

Now, that’s a star. I’ve known a few stars in my life. The glamour-girls and heroic males of my youth were pampered, protected and promoted by domineering studio systems, which built their images and crafted their careers, keeping them aloft in the public imagination.

Now, we know more than we need to know about our stars. Postmodernism has deconstructed stardom. The plus side is stars being independent enough to call their own shots; but the negative is that every peccadillo is on display. It’s a crafty person who can ride the modern version of fame without falling off.

What makes a star? In my experience, there are ten attributes, which one is either born with or learns, to qualify for stardom.

(Source: Times Online)

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