Director Kathryn Bigelow’s explosive look at bomb experts

From her breakthrough with Near Dark, a contemporary vampire movie featuring undead who roam the West in a van, Kathryn Bigelow has broken new ground for female movie directors.

Simply following her instincts for atmosphere and suspense, she's become a specialist in fable and adventure. Even skeptics acknowledge her knack for splashy action-film iconography in movies like Point Break, which turned Keanu Reeves into a Gen-X version of the strong, silent type and showcased Patrick Swayze as a specialist in tough-guy karma while mixing surfing and grand larceny.

She displays a mesmerizing talent for capturing mood, emotion and atmosphere, in gesture as well as action, in The Hurt Locker, which closes the Maryland Film Festival on May 10. The festival has had a knack for picking grand finales, but usually they're quirky, relatively quiet gems like Doug Sadler's Swimmers and Jeffrey Blitz's Rocket Science


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