Director John Singleton ready to take on ‘The A-Team’


Sometimes you can’t plan an interview. Try as you might, things just fall apart. Then, you have days like yesterday. You’re waiting for your car at the valet of a hotel and standing right next to you is John Singleton – the director of 20th Century Fox’s upcoming big screen adaptation of “The A-Team.” 

While I wasn’t sure he was directing the film when I was standing there, I knew he was involved. Usually I leave people alone when they’re in public, but I really wanted to know what was up with the movie, especially with Ice Cube recently saying that he wants to play B.A. Baracus.



Again, while I think John can make a great “A-Team” movie, it does make me nervous that it’s 20th Century Fox making the film. While they can market ice to Eskimos, they have a tendency of not spending enough money to make a great film. In my opinion, they do just enough to get it into theaters. While it is "The A-Team," I think this is one of those properties that could transition very well to the big screen. I just hope they’ll give John the freedom and budget to make it a great movie.  (Source: Collider)

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