Director Jason Reitman discuses ‘Carnal Knowledge’ with Mike Nichols

A candid Mike Nichols sat down with Jason Reitman on Sunday night at the Walter Reade Theater during a weekend of free events at the Film Society.

"First of all, Jack [Nicholson] had a hot tub and I don't have to say anymore about that," Nichols explained at one point, "Secondly, Artie [Garfunkel] was over there all the time and he had a girlfriend we were all terrified of. But he didn't have her for very long...because Jack somehow took care of that, too."

The two filmmakers sat down for a conversation following the screening of Nichols's explosive Carnal Knowledge, the controversial film starring Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkel and Ann-Margret. Nichols was very open and willing to share some of the fun anecdotes from the set, a shoot which he described as the most enjoyable he's had in his career.


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