Director Danny Boyle turns new movie into action mode

Danny Boyle blusters along verbally the same way his films move: forcefully and urgently to a headlong finish. Known as a versatile director, from horror (the zombie thriller 28 Days Later) to romance (the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire), Boyle believes that all of his films share an essential ingredient.

"Every movie I make, no matter what it's about, I try to turn into an action movie," he says by phone in his thick Manchester accent. "A lot of people say, 'Oh, your work is so varied, you go between all these different genres.' On one level I try to do that, but I also try to make every movie as visceral as possible and as much like an action movie as possible."

How's this for his next action movie? An outdoorsman (James Franco) slips in a canyon, gets his arm pinned under a boulder and stays there. And stays there. For a long time. 127 Hours sure doesn't sound like an action movie, but Boyle turns inertia into a dynamic journey.


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