Dina Lohan defends “Living Lohan” reality TV show


Why, why, why? You're the mother of one of the most hounded people on the planet (Lindsay Lohan, or LiLo, to her hounders). And yet here you are: Enabling your 14-year-old daughter, Ali, to pursue a similar white-hot career track and, for added measure, you have just opened up your house in North Merrick to a TV network so that the rest of the world can look inside.

Funny how the same question always seems to come up with Dina Lohan, in Manhattan yesterday to field questions from some of those same paparazzi who have made her life so (avowedly) miserable and to promote her eight-part E! show, "Living Lohan," that bows Memorial Day.

And - you won't be surprised to learn - she has an answer.


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