Depp’s new gangster movie ‘Public Enemies’ draws crowd while filming

Hundreds of people flocked to this small southeastern Wisconsin city to watch the filming of "Public Enemies," braving chilly, damp air to catch a glimpse of its megastar, Johnny Depp.

"We think we saw him standing up there a couple of times but we don't know for sure," said Breanne Flint, 25, who was with her sister Kristy Ballweg, 19, shivering behind a yellow police line about a block away from some crew and equipment.

Flint, of nearby Marshall, said they were staying "until we're certain we've seen him."

"Oh god, we'll be here all night then!" Ballweg responded.

People arrived early Monday, some at 2 a.m., to stake out a spot in the downtown of this city 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee.


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