Defending Steven Spielberg and his talent


Steven Spielberg has been the center of much talk lately, little of it having to do with his filmmaking.  There is the controversy about his being the artistic director of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, something that Mia Farrow has blasted him for, even calling him the “Leni Riefenstahl of the Beijing games.”  There is also much ballyhoo about the deal between his studio Dreamworks and Paramount.  Then there is the surprise in some quarters that Mr. Spielberg is making another Indiana Jones film, to be released 19 years after The Last Crusade and with a 65 year old Harrison Ford. 

All of these things are overshadowing the fact that the last decade of Spielberg’s filmmaking has been perhaps the richest and strongest period of his career. 

(Source: Movie City News)

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