David Duchovny on the return of ‘The X Files’

Deep in the bowels of a disused mental institution, a cadre of nuns shuffles down the corridor. This crumbling Victorian edifice on the outskirts of Vancouver - atmospherically chilled and, at 3am, Exorcist-eerie - has been dressed as the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Hospital, a key night-shoot location for the film The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

“They’re not real nuns. I hope not,” quips David Duchovny, who is reprising his role as the FBI agent Fox Mulder. The wry grin says it all. Recently, before being pressed back into service in this new, feature-length spin-off from the six-years-dormant television series, Duchovny has enjoyed second-wind success in the libertine drama Californication.

(Times Online UK)

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