Danny McBride bleeds for his art

The biggest bong hit in Pineapple Express split Danny McBride's head.

Director David Gordon Green envisioned an epic scuffle of pugilistic futility between stoner characters played by McBride, Seth Rogen and James Franco. Green didn't want to use stuntmen because, McBride says, "stunt guys know how to take a punch and give a punch. That would take a lot of the comedy away from what he was trying to do.

"He wanted a long, choreographed fight sequence with guys who have no idea how to fight, who lack the ability to knock each other out. So it goes on and on and on."

At one point Franco grabbed a bong made of breakaway glass. To look credible in the scene it needed to be full of water, which gave the unlikely weapon some added heft. When Franco broke it over McBride's skull, blood spilled.

(Houston Chronicle)


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