Daddy Issues, War Lust in Oliver Stone’s ‘W’


It's a classic American story: In the prime of his life, a man who parties too much and lives in the shadow of his esteemed father turns his life around. He gives up alcohol, embraces religion and finds a new purpose.

But will his desire to impress his dad and purge his personal demons put the world in danger?

Coming soon to a movie theater near you: controversial director Oliver Stone's "W," the life story of President George W. Bush, a warts-and-all portrayal.

Though the movie is scheduled for release in 2009, there is a chance that it might be pushed up to come out before the November election, say insiders.

The movie, which starts filming this month with "No Country for Old Men" actor Josh Brolin playing Bush, paints a humanistic portrait of the president along with plenty of embarrassing anecdotes from his life story, judging by a copy of an early screenplay obtained by

(ABC News)

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