Dad of the dead: Q&A with director George A. Romero


Instead of "Plastics," the older guy in "The Graduate" should have whispered this career advice: "Cannibal zombies."

George A. Romero created horror's most popular subgenre 40 years ago with "Night of the Living Dead," and if you think of him as just a cult director, you should have seen his rock-star appearance at last summer's San Diego Comic Con — the world's largest pop culture event — where thousands of shouting fans packed a huge auditorium standing-room-only to honor him and hear about "Diary of the Dead."

I chewed the fat with the mirthful Romero on the eve of the relaunch of his saga (told through a film student's first-person video lens). Now 68 and recently moved from his longtime home of Pittsburgh to Toronto, he phoned amid an L.A. promotional gauntlet.

(Source: Seattle Times)

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