Cute Kids Are Required By Casting Agents For TV,Film And Advertising Opportunities

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Casting Agents are Looking for America's cutest Kids for a variety of exhiting opportunities and responsible parent and guardians are invited to submit their photos.

Cute Kids are needed for roles in TV, Film, Adverts & More!

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The Cute Kids Contests are scored by Entertainment Industry Professionals, top Talent Scouts, and Casting Agents.

Every photo is individually seen and scored with clear instruction to choose "The Cute Kid of the Month" with no discrimination towards gender, race, color or age. Our VoteTracker scoring system tracks every vote from every judge to calculate total votes and statistical rating to select that month's winners for each category as well as the overall Cute Kid Winner.

All Category Winners are automatically entered into the final judging for the
"2010 Cute Kid of the Year" award with our grand prize of ,000 towards College Tuition!
Our Judges use the following criteria:

Appearance,Charisma,Expression, Image concept/setting, and That special something

The team of Judges was created exclusively to search for Cute Kids and to provide opportunities in the modeling & acting industry safely & effectively .This is the the #1 liaison between Cute Kids and industry professionals seeking the freshest new faces.

Please only submit your very best photos and respect the judges decisions. If we have an interest in any cute kids we will contact motivated Parents directly and securely to discuss your interests and how to proceed.

This is a golden opportunity to get your cute Kids featured in TV, Films or Advertising.

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