Culinary protagonists keep it fresh and real


SOMETHING fresh happens onscreen in "No Reservations," the newest in that newly burgeoning genre, American foodie cinema, and it's not the sea bass poached in a court bouillon with sautéed batonnet of carrots and zucchini (though that fish with vegetables cut into baton shapes looks pretty fresh). 

Beyond the batonnet, viewers may discern a sea change in the way moviemakers are portraying a now glamorous profession (or hobby). After an awkward and self-conscious start ("Spanglish" anybody?), American filmmakers are at last presenting cooks who are fully and believably food-obsessed. "No Reservations" and the recent "Ratatouille" pivot on plots that spring organically from characters blessed with a keen palate and driven by a need to feed people and feed them well. And an upcoming animated film, "Bee Movie," encourages children to think about whence their supermarket food comes -- bringing the food world's focus on provenance issues to the next generation. 

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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