‘Criminal Minds’: So dark it’s almost criminal

One suspects, in the current climate, that the actor Adoni Maropis views the particulars of his visage as both blessing and curse. He's got a hard brow and even harder jaw; piercing eyes; crisp, bushy eyebrows; a spherical, solid bald head; and a skin tone that allows him to play a range of ethnic backgrounds.

In other words, he makes a great terrorist. On "24" last year, he played Abu Fayed, the stern, persistent, always-angry head of a terror cell and significant antagonist to Jack Bauer.

So when he appears midway through the fourth-season premiere of "Criminal Minds," 9 p.m. Wednesday on CBS, as a smiling, warm-hearted ambulance driver who arrives to help a wounded federal agent, it's difficult not to feel a little impending dread. But this show routinely subverts its mystery by telegraphing its moves way in advance -- having Maropis in this role was just one tell among many.

(LA Times)

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