Competing Sammy Davis Jr movie projects racing to the big screen


Sammy Davis Jr. never could stay away from the limelight. Seventeen years after he died of throat cancer, Davis — vaudevillian, singer, actor, Rat Packer — is once again getting the entertainment world’s love he always craved. Four Sammy Davis projects are in the works, involving the likes of Denzel Washington, and Andre 3000, of the hip-hop duo OutKast.

Hollywood’s interest, piqued by recent biographies and the resurgence of Rat Pack nostalgia, includes two traditional biopics, an account of his romance with the blond actress Kim Novak and a feature documentary.

Davis’s life holds obvious attractions for filmmakers. Beyond the drug problems and his love affairs, he offers a vehicle to consider an American obsession: race. But Hollywood history does not bode well for multiple movies about the same subject coming out around the same time, especially when biopics are involved.

(Source: The New York Times)

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