Comic-Con convention revs into full swing


Zach Snyder, the sandy-haired 41-year-old of 300, who was at last year's Comic-Con convention, arrived this time to a triumph worthy of Xerxes. All of PetcoPark, the city’s Major League Baseball stadium, was reserved for a Friday night screening and celebration of “300,” which became a surprise global hit for Warner Brothers in March.

Earlier in the day fans packed one of the convention center’s enormous halls (capacity, 6,500) to glean Mr. Snyder’s thoughts about “Watchmen,” the movie he expects to make of the famous comic series, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, about the underbelly of super-hero life. To hoots and hollers of approval, the director promised to keep faith with the comic, sticking with its setting in the 1980s, as the cold war was nearing its end. Mr. Snyder added that he would deliver an R-rated film, something unusual in the super-hero genre.

“We’re not going to make it accessible to teenyboppers for marketing reasons,” he said. Viewers, he predicted, would ultimately say: “He didn’t just do that, did he? That looks like sexual assault to me.”

(Source: New York Times)


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