China rises as a player in Asian film industry

These days the answer to nearly every question about the Asian film industry is China. The awakening of the world's most populous nation and the ongoing steps toward it becoming a cinematic powerhouse are not only turning the global boxoffice charts on their heads, they're also redefining the meaning of the word "co-production" sucking in the once mighty Hong Kong industry and forcing film-makers around the region to grasp the nettle of a prickly, proud and politically unpredictable industry. 

Nowhere is the conundrum of China's film industry better illustrated than at the top of this year's Chinese boxoffice charts. Released in late 2008 and playing strongly through January, "If You are the One" grabbed an astonishing RMB325 million ($47.7 million) to topple "Titanic" from the perch it has enjoyed for more than a decade. But only a few months later the new record was obliterated by the performance of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."


Film Business, International Cinema

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