Chicago trader goes from hedge funds to filmmaking

After graduating from Harvard University in 1993, Julio DePietro got a job with Citadel Investment Group, then a small, obscure financial firm in Chicago. He planned to stay just long enough to pay off his student loans.

By the time DePietro left 10 years later, he was a partner at one of the world’s largest hedge funds.

“When I started at Citadel, I didn’t know anything about finance,” he said. “I studied political philosophy at Harvard; I didn’t take a single economics course. I’d never even seen a financial statement or quarterly report.”

Now the 38-year-old is making another unlikely transition — to film writing and directing. His first feature, “The Good Guy,” a romantic comedy with a Wall Street backdrop featuring Alexis Bledel, from the television hit “Gilmore Girls,” and Scott Porter, who starred on the TV drama “Friday Night Lights” as the quarterback.



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