CBS deploys ‘The Unit’


AT the beginning of this season of "The Unit" (CBS, 9 p.m. Tuesday), its third, the special-forces outfit at the show's center was in turmoil, the victim of a vast government conspiracy. Terrorist suspects were being taken from Guantanamo Bay and killed, then dumped in the north Pacific Ocean. The Unit was to be scapegoated. One by one, they ran, or were caught. Either way, they were in bad shape.  

But the Unit is nothing if not resilient. After a torturous interrogation at the hands of the CIA, Mack Gerhardt's (Max Martini) face was an abstract impressionist landscape of bruises and scars. But like all great David Mamet characters -- Mamet is a creator and executive producer of "The Unit" -- Mack is droll even under fire. Finally released, he was asked by his superior Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) what got him through. He replied, gingerly, "I was thinking about the senior prom . . . . I was thinking about America." 

(Source: LA Times)

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