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In my humble opinion, Bishop T.D. Jakes? foray into filmmaking has produced some lackluster movies in the past. However, the new Jumping the Broom movie, his latest cinematic effort, is sure to be a hit that follows the same pattern that Tyler Perry uses to ride to consistent box office hits.

The Jumping the Broom movie could have easily used cliche storylines with a familiar happy ending, but it instead delves into the complex relationships that affluent African Americans have with less affluent African Americans and exposes some dark historical realities that many in the African American community would soon like to forget.

Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) is horrible at picking men. She vows to stay celibate until she gets married and begs God to make it obvious who he wants her to spend the rest of her life with. On a busy metropolitan street, she literally hits Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) with her car and sparks immediately fly.

When Sabrina is offered a new job as an intellectual property attorney in China after dating her dream guy for only six months, the relationship is at an obvious crossroad. What looks like a break up turns into a beautiful marriage proposal, with a surprise serenade by R&B singer El DeBarge.

Jason credits Sabrina with exposing him to the finer things in life, but that exposure to high society makes him ashamed of his less sophisticated family, and his mother Pam (Loretta Devine), uncle Willie Earl (Mike Epps) and his cousin Malcolm (DeRay Davis) only get to meet Jason?s future in-laws and fiancee the weekend of his wedding at ritzy Martha?s Vineyard.

Obviously, the Jumping the Broom movie is hilarious with such comedic professionals like Epps, Davis and Tasha Smith but it also deals with issues the some may consider "airing dirty laundry" a la Spike Lee in School Daze.

Anyone close to the African American community will be familiar with the class warfare that goes on in the Jumping the Broom movie. Pam is a widow that worked tirelessly everyday as a postal worker to provide a better future for her son Jason. Jason?s future mother-in-law Claudine (Angela Bassett) comes from old money and wants a great future for her daughter as well.

However, because of socioeconomic differences many in the African American community fail to see the similarities between themselves in their counterparts from a different tax bracket.

What those from affluent backgrounds sometimes neglect is that they alone are not the reason for their success. Furthermore, what their less affluent counterparts often neglect is that even though one has money, it does not mean they are immune to hardship and adversity.

Although the Watson family is wealthy it does not mean they do not face financial difficulties, in addition to controversial family secrets like the fact that some African Americans actually owned slaves in the 1800s and that teenage pregnancy was once so taboo in our community that relatives often raised others? children as their own.

What makes the Jumping the Broom movie necessary and successful is that it shows the humanity and shared experiences of all African Americans and that if we all look at our similarities, our differences would seem insignificant and our future together could be beautiful.

The Jumping the Broom movie is rated PG-13.

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Alfred Hitchcock is typically remembered as the master of suspense, but in truth, he pioneered just about everything that would eventually become modern cinema. In Psycho, he invented the slasher film. With North by Northwest, he created the notion of the all-action film. While the film has the same sort of twisty-turny plot that we associate with the master, it is defined by its incredible action set pieces.

Everybody knows about the airplane chase with the crop duster chasing Cary Grant through the crops. It's a great scene, sure, but only one of several awesome set pieces in the film. The shootout on the face of Mt. Rushmore is an equally jaw dropping piece of film making, but one of the real crowning moments is the drunken chase. Cary Grant is fed glass after glass of booze and then put in a car with no brakes, so he has to flee the badguys while drunk in a car with a cut brake line!

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This trend towards realism began with shows like Survivor, which wound up really killing fictional shows in the ratings. See, sitcoms and dramas became incredibly formulaic and predictable. You always knew the punchline of every joke before it came: I get it, the dad likes watching football and the wacky neighbor wants to date his daughter.

Reality television really changed things and it became clear that fictional television had to adapt to survive, as people had come to prefer the realism of those reality shows. Even if reality television can be artless, crass, and not as real as it pretends to be, it remains a fact that it showed real human emotion and unpredictable situations.

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The movie stars William Holden as screenplay and down on his luck bum and Gloria Swanson is the faded, glamorous Norma Desmond who used to be a big star in the silent movie industry.

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A Synopsis Of The Movie Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn's Finest was released March 2010, but has become a fan favorite due to its all-star cast, intriguing story line, and direction by Antoine Fugua. The story is based on the personal experiences of writer Michael C. Martin which focuses on the violent and rough neighborhoods watched over by the 65th precinct of the New York Police Department. The story unfolds as three veteran police officers survive the daily demands of life on the streets only to wind up together on a single night in the Van Dyke Housing Projects in Brooklyn.

One of the main strengths of this film is in the top ranked stars that chose to participate. Many personalities such as Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere, Ellen Barkin, Wesley Snipes, Lili Taylor, Don Cheadle, and many more fill the screen with talent and dedication while paying tribute to some of the hardest working men and women in the world today. We follow the lives, stories, and career paths of three officers played by Gere, Hawke, and Cheadle who end up coming together at the end of the show in a single location, but for very different reasons. The result is a night filled with terror and intrigue as the lifestyle of the area is revealed in its true form.

Although the movie is primarily based in Brooklyn, filming was also completed throughout the New York area including Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn itself. Through the eyes of the three principal police officers, the worst and best an urban city has to offer is presented and interwoven with complications in their daily lives which often influence decisions. The action and intrigue begin in the opening scene where a thug is shot and robbed which conversing in a car with another man. We later find out that the shooter was himself a cop.

In every profession there is often a fine line between right and wrong, but in no other career field is the impact of that concept more important. When adding the pressures of outside influences, life and death can hang in the balance. The many factors that can force decisions differently between people are the same kind that affect everyone, but nowhere is it revealed more clearly than in this film where law enforcement and personal lives must find a way to coexist. Whether one is suffering from financial worries, how to survive until retirement, or the complexities and pressures associated with undercover work, personal problems often affect decision making, but this takes on an especially important role in police work.

Michale Martin grew up in the Brooklyn area where the story is based. Therefore, much of what is seen in the film is a direct reflection of personal experiences. This provides viewers with the "reality" aspect so popular today. Although the movie was made on a modest budget, the star-quality cast agreed to lesser pay in order to see it completed as it carries an important message about the challenges police officers working in this are face.

It was first viewed at the Sundance 2009 Film Festival as well as in September of the same year at the Venice Film Festival. It was here that it was picked up for distribution, but financial problems with the company delayed the release. It was only after it was acquired by Overture Films for $3 million dollars did it finally hit the big screen and what an acquisition it was. The critics found it predictable, but mass audiences seemed to disagree due to excellence in acting by the cast.

Despite the reviews, in March 2010 the film opened in the #2 position grossing over $13 million dollars. To date that has increased to over $27 million in the US with an additional $34 million earned in the international market ranking it at #11 in the "Dirty Copy" movie field which covers all movies from 1973 to the present.

For those wanting to see what all the hype is about and why it's #1 in DVD sales, it should be noted that Brookylns Finest is rated R because of drug content, violence, nudity, and sexual overtones. Despite what the critics have said it is a fast-paced, action-packed, thrill ride that will satisfy even the most discerning tastes for a real life drama.

Check out Brooklyn's Finest at DVD Special Features for bonus extras.

An Overview Of The Film ‘Grown Ups’

There are always those movies that you never hear about until it is too late. It is the must see movies and you never learn about them until they are out on DVD and you would have liked to go see it on the big screen. Does that sound familiar? Well, what if we were to tell you that we are going to tell you about a movie that is out in the theatres right now and you should go see it? Would you? We think you would. This movie is called Grown Ups.

Now, when you hear this title, not many have heard about it and by title alone, they might not have gone to see it, but when you learn about the plot and not to mention the actors, then you will learn why this is one of them movies that you just have to see.

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A Review Of The Film Daybreakers

There has been a considerable push in recent years for vampire media in different modes to be brought to light, no pun intended. The interesting thing, is that this might be the most frenzied people have ever been about vampire stories and programming. While this is all the case, it had become difficult for storytellers to give us something new and unique that was unlike something that was heard before. The film "Daybreakers" was able to do this.

This is a film that has taken an age old tale about vampires and put a spin on it unlike anything that has been seen in vampire cinema to date. Through the course of this article, you will get a brief plot synopsis as well as what makes this particular movie so unique from some of the other alternatives that are out there to view.

You should learn what makes this particular film unique in its own right first before it breaks into any plot synopsis. The reason this film is unique, is that it takes a perspective of humans being the minority in a world that has been overtaken by vampires. When vampires bite humans and they don't die, they become vampires as well. Several years of doing this has made the human race as we know it relatively extinct.

This synopsis might contain spoilers for those that have not seen the film, so beware of this if you are trying to find a very non-descript synopsis, this is not it. The film itself opens on the knowledge that the world is 95 percent vampire. With this knowledge, a team of people have been placed together to develop synthetic blood to sustain the population, as humans are becoming scarce.

Edward Dalton is one of the head minds behind the blood creating project, and is also very unhappy with being a vampire. He does not drink human blood, and he never wanted to be a vampire in the first place. However, if he cannot come up with a solution to the current blood conundrum, he along with millions of other vampires will die horribly gruesome deaths relative to starvation.

Dalton runs into some humans and he decides to help them stay alive. He is given some valuable information from Willem DaFoe's character, Elvis. He is a human that is leading the group and he was at one point a vampire. Through a freak accident, he was able to learn the secret to becoming human again.

Dalton had never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, and relishes the chance to become human again and sees to it that he orchestrates a similar situation to what Elvis described. After a couple of failed attempts, Dalton is returned to being a human with a beating heart and pumping blood. Now its time to tell his former company about the cure.

"Daybreakers" reaches its climax as Edward Dalton is to have another encounter with his former boss, Charles Bromley (Sam Neill). By this point, the audience has learned that humans who used to be vampires have different blood. This blood will turn a vampire back into being a human as well. So for every vampire that attempts to feed on one of these humans, also becomes a human capable of turning other vampires.

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The film has been assembled from rehearsals from April through June 2009 for a concert tour scheduled for this summer. The footage was "captured by a few cameras," an opening screen tells us, but they were professional high-def cameras and the sound track is full-range stereo. The result is one of the most revealing music documentaries I've seen.


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Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet tear each other apart more thoroughly than an iceberg ever could in "Revolutionary Road," a brutal — and brutally tedious — depiction of marital malaise.

Director Sam Mendes covered this territory before with more verve and imagination in his 1999 debut "American Beauty." And similar to that film, "Revolutionary Road" carries with it the unmistakable, unwarranted aura of importance, of having Something to Say about the way we live. If only we understood DiCaprio and Winslet's characters, Frank and April Wheeler, and felt they were fleshed out as complex human beings, we might have experienced the intended emotional impact of their lies and cruelties.

DiCaprio and Winslet (Mendes' real-life wife) are longtime off-screen friends reteaming for the first time since the 1997 uberblockbuster "Titanic." They give it their all with energetic, powerful performances.


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(San Francisco Chronicle)

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