‘Captain America’ next Marvel hero to hit big screen?


ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! talked to Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige on the set of 'Iron Man' on Wednesday about the company's future slate. What's next for the company, which has both the Jon Favreau-directed project and 'The Incredible Hulk' hitting theaters next year?  "I have a writer on 'Captain America' right now, hoping to get a director on that very soon to get that into the pipeline within the next year. Same thing with 'Thor,'" said Feige. "Mark Protosevich has delivered a 'Thor' script, David Self is writing 'Captain America.'" 

Feige talked a bit more about Captain America: "We'll have to play with Captain America as being a patriotic propoganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers interesting fascinating hero in his own right." Is the script they're developing a period piece? "Right now what we're developing would be about half and half." 

(Source: ComingSoon.net)

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