Canon HDSLRs Recruited For Digital Movie Production

A new indie revolution is being ushered in with the advent video HD DSLR cameras.

The video imagery begins in dramatic slow-motion: The crew of a Blackhawk helicopter sprints toward a waiting aircraft. Upon boarding, it takes to the sky. Cruising over forbidding alpine terrain, the crew locates an injured mountain climber trapped in a crevasse atop a remote peak. The Blackhawk lowers a Navy diver, who straps the victim into a gurney. Then the two are hoisted aloft on a long, thin cable. Once aboard, the aircraft speeds off into the sunset, headed for the nearest hospital helipad.

Beautifully photographed in digital HD and impressive to see, this three-minute commercial is remarkable not only for its depiction of a highly trained U.S. Navy rescue team, but also for the fact that it was shot in just a few hours using Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR cameras. As its director of photography, Shane Hurlbut (seen below), explained, it could not have been made with any other camera system.



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