Buzz is Blooming on ABC’s ‘Pushing Daisies’


The Fall TV season is always full of hype. One of this year's most heavily promoted shows is "Pushing Daisies," a whimsical dramedy about a man who can give (and take) life with the touch of a finger. The show was a success in the ratings as well as the Buzz, where it posted a lively 506% jump and proved that sometimes the hype machine is right.  

How to describe "Pushing Daisies"— think "Sleeping Beauty" crossed with "CSI" with just a dash of David Lynch. It's a compelling concoction, especially to females. The ladies were behind 63% of the show's searches, and helped push queries on the show's star, Lee Pace, to triple digit gains. But that's not say that "Daisies" is strictly for the ladies. Men aged 35-44 searched more than their fair share, and interest in hottie Anna Friel surged a whopping 806%. 

Of course, it's too soon to call the show a winner after just one week. Still, if "Daisies" keeps up these numbers, it's sure to live a long and healthy life. 

(Source: Yahoo Buzz)


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